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Swimming Pool Tile

Swimming Pool Tile

Last Spring you spent hours scouring away at your tile in your swimming pool and spa with a pumice stone. You were able to knock off all the calcium, and you were probably pretty proud of the shine you brought back to your tile in your swimming pool and spa. But only a few months have passed, and you notice that annoying white build up has once again faded out the finish of your swimming pool and spa tile.

Maybe you also see some cracked tile, or even worse, some tile has fallen off your swimming pool or spa. It could possibly be the time to replace that old, faded out, cracked tile with a new and exciting selection.

At Ultimate Pool Remodeling, while we are replastering your swimming pool and spa, we can also upgrade your existing swimming pool and spa tile. Maybe you would like an attractive sapphire blue tile with a glossy finish to compliment the blue water of your swimming pool and spa. Or possibly you prefer the more natural, earthy feel of stone tiles. Which ever your preference, Ultimate Pool Remodeling can meet your needs. Contact Ultimate Pool Remodeling today for a free swimming pool and spa remodeling (replastering) quote.


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